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Monday, June 24th

David Smith: The Popularity of the 4.7″ iPhone #

When I look at the iPhone distribution for Pedometer++ the four most popular devices are all that size. Together they account for nearly 50% of all devices I see in use.

Also worth noting, iOS 13 drops support for the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6+. These iPhones currently account for 17% of my userbase.

Tuesday, June 18th

Mac Pro Design #

2019 Mac Pro

On the Mac Pro, the G4 Cube and Their Shared Vent Design (512pixels):

As I have a G4 Cube in my collection, I decided to do have a closer look. I pulled the core out of mine and removed the video card to take a closer look at this area from the back:

Cube Vent Detail

I really like how the Mac Pro looks. The combination of stainless and brushed steel looks great. The machining is very impressive. I hope this design language will trickle down to other products in their lineup.

It's interesting to also compare the industrial design between the lauded (plastic) G4 Cube and the (stainless steel) Mac Pro. Apple has come a long way.

Thursday, April 4th

Using Drag and Drop with NSTableView #

Nate Thompson (via mjtsai via danielpunkass):

I recently tried to implement drag and drop with NSTableView in a project and ran into a bunch of issues with finding resources that actually helped. Such is the life of a Cocoa developer. So here’s my attempt at the definitive guide to drag and drop with NSTableView. (This should also apply to NSOutlineView, since they work in a similar way.)

This is perfect. With a lot of history, it's sometimes hard to find the “correct modern” approach to certain Cocoa features. I will be referencing this a lot.

Tuesday, March 19th

Tools For Accessibility #


Colors that look and work great for everyone


The plugin to help you design and build products that are accessible, ethical, and inclusive.

There’s no reason for 97.8% of websites to have WCAG errors. A variety of tools are available to help designers make the right decisions. These two were just shared with me today. Both look pretty useful for improving contrast and color selection. My only wish is that color.review didn't use Raleway.

Via @camronsackett.

Thursday, March 14th

The WebAIM Million #


In February 2019, WebAIM conducted an evaluation of the home pages for the top 1,000,000 web sites using the WAVE stand-alone API (with additional tools to collect site technology parameters). While this research focuses only on automatically detectable issues, the results paint a rather dismal picture of the current state of web accessibility.

The entire report is posted on their website.

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