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Tuesday, Aug. 28th

The Verge: The Secret Garden

Mount Lico

The Verge:

In 2018, what is left to explore in the world? It seems unlikely, say, that humans might find an untouched forest to study, someplace that hasn’t been bulldozed and burnt and exploited within an inch of its life for precious minerals or virgin timber. But that’s exactly what happened this past spring, when a Welsh researcher, Dr. Julian Bayliss, led a 28-person team that included scientists specially selected for their different talents as well as logistics experts, rock climbers, and filmmakers to the top of a mountain in Mozambique.

Undiscovered areas or mountaintops are always something of a dream for anyone who stares at maps and atlases for a long time. This is a very interesting story of a scientific team being the first humans (or so they thought) to the top of an isolated mountaintop.

Side note: I think this is how every horror movie starts.