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Tuesday, Sept. 25th

Hodinkee on the Apple Watch


This week we’re talking all things Apple Watch. Stephen sits down with Ben and Jack just a few hours after they received their Apple Watch Series 4 sample units to get their first impressions and to hear what else they had to say about the Apple Watch and its relationship to the more traditional watches we tend to cover every day. Also, Stephen has a one-on-one interview with John Gruber, the proprietor of Daring Fireball, the premier blog covering all things Apple. Enjoy.

Daring Fireball:

There are two parts to this episode of the Hodinkee Radio podcast. First, a roundtable discussion with Ben Clymer, Jack Forster, and Stephen Pulvirent. Then, an interview between Pulvirent and yours truly. Both parts, of course, focus on Apple Watch Series 4 and where Apple fits in the world of watchmaking.

It's interesting how the Apple Watch market is expanding and other watch markets are decreasing. This podcast approaches the conversation from the perspective of luxury watch owners. However, I think there's a similar expansion and overtaking of dedicated exercise watches from the likes of Garmin or Suunto.

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