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Tuesday, Dec. 19th 2017

Lance Ulanoff on the iMac Pro link →

Photo of iMac Pro

Apple also wanted to make it clear that the iMac Pro is also a developer’s tool and demonstrated how a 10 Core iMac Pro can simultaneously handle three iOS simulations (on screen was what looked like screens for an iPhone 8, an iPad and iPhone X all running the same application), a Linux Ubuntu VM serving Apache PHP code, a, yes, Windows 10 virtual machine running 20 Chrome browser sessions, and a virtualization of the previous Mac OS, without missing a beat or making loud wheezing sounds. Seriously, I didn’t hear a peep from the system.

This scenario seems implausible based on my anecdotal experience. Sadly, it's the Electron based app Slack that is usually eating up a lot of my memory. Having awesome hardware available is nice (although at a premium), but having well-made software will benefit everyone.

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