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Saturday, July 14th 2018

iFixit On The New Macbook Pro Keyboard

Photo from iFixit


Here’s an inflammatory take for you: Apple’s new quieter keyboard is actually a silent scheme to fix their keyboard reliability issues. We’re in the middle of tearing down the newest MacBook Pro, but we’re too excited to hold this particular bit of news back: Apple has cocooned their butterfly switches in a thin, silicone barrier.

That’s an interesting take (and an interesting solution if that’s what it is indeed). It would be much more reassuring if Apple could put aside all of the politics and say: “We have taken measures to improve the reliability of our laptop keyboards.”

The more cynical take (and I can be quite the cynic) would be that Apple has knowingly released a flawed keyboard on a brand new device. I hope this is not the case.

I, and many others, would likely want to buy a new machine with a “fixed” keyboard to replace a laptop with a known keyboard problem. After all, there's only a four year window for a free-to-the-user replacement.

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Update 7.19.2018: Confirmed

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