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Saturday, Feb. 4th 2023

More Great Lisa Anniversary Content

The Verge: Lisa’s Family Photos

Today, in partnership with The Computer History Museum, we’re excited to share another part of what makes the Lisa feel, well, human: a selection of exclusive Polaroid photos from the Lisa’s development taken by Bill Atkinson, the designer and developer of the computer’s graphical user interface. Atkinson sat down with CHM for an interview about his time at Apple and offered a tour of his photo album. We’ve chosen some of our favorite photos from the collection alongside selected remarks from Atkinson’s interview.

The 40th anniversary of the Apple Lisa content continues! The Verge has been doing a really great job with a couple of pieces dedicated to the Lisa. This is a good followup to my previous post that also linked to

"He said: think how fun it is to surf on the front edge of a wave and how not fun it is to dog paddle on the tail end of the same wave. Come to Apple and you can change millions of people’s lives.”

Can you imagine getting a pitch like this from Steve Jobs?

“Without Lisa, there never would’ve been a Mac.”

The advances that they made by bringing this UI to the public cannot be understated.