My name is
Geof—I'm an Interactive Designer

1 Air Lookout

Self-initiated side project

Air quality is something that I have been very passionate about for a long time. Air Lookout aims to simplify the complex day to day elements of air pollution.

It's available on the iTunes App Store.

2 Blockcircleblock

Self-initiated side project

This was my first iOS side project that I launched in the app store. After designing the app, I learned Swift in order to build it myself.

It's available on the iTunes App Store.

3 Select brands that I have worked with

In no particular order

ESPN, Boston Globe, GU, Google, Nike, Nokia, National Geographic, Omata, US Census, Denny’s, Moment Skis, PG&E, American Cancer Society, Bugaboo, Benjamin Moore, Ford and Subaru.

4 More about me

I'm a designer focusing on software, web and mobile. For the last few years I've been living and working in Salt Lake City.

For the last three years I have been working at Rally Interactive.

I love motorcycles, writing, reading, photography, fly fishing, sailing, cars, old items, vintage cameras, using my hands, design, art, learning, the outdoors and learning to become a better craftsman.

If you would like to chat, hangout or talk shop don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks.