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Thursday, Aug. 16th

Comparing iOS Twitter Client App Sizes

Related to the news today… Third-Party Twitter Clients Remove Features as API Changes Loom:

The latest chapter in Twitter’s contentious relationship with third-party developers is coming to a close. In April 2017, Twitter announced plans to eventually deprecate certain parts of its API that third-party apps rely on.

Fast forward one year to April 2018, roughly 10 weeks before the scheduled API transition of mid-June. Twitter’s new API still hadn’t been made available to third-party developers. The Iconfactory, Tapbots, and other makers of Twitter clients created a website called Apps of a Feather…Stick Together to explain how the looming changes would affect customers. The ensuing uproar among users caused Twitter to delay the API transition until tomorrow, August 16, 2018. Although Twitter has not flipped the switch on the changes yet, apps like Twitterrific and Tweetbot have already taken steps to deal with the changes.

… I wanted to compare the app sizes of Twitter clients.

Tweetbot for iOS: 6.8MB

Twitterrific for iOS: 11.3MB

Twitter™ for iOS: 106MB

It appears that as employee count goes up so does app binary size.

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